Why New Zealand produces the best kiwifruit in the world.

You might say that Organic Grower, Dennis Robinson, has kiwifruit growing in his blood.

His family has been growing kiwifruit for over 35 years and, while he won’t let his age slip, he does swear he was still at school when they started. We think his experience makes him the perfect candidate to give us the lowdown on why NZ produces the best darn kiwifruit around.

“It’s a combo of the perfect soil, perfect climate, and passionate growers,“ he says.

“Kiwifruit is an interesting fruit, it needs a subtropical climate with winter chilling, so our climate, particularly in the Bay of Plenty, is perfect. Surprisingly, kiwifruit grows on a vine rather than a tree and, as it is deciduous plant, it needs to grow in a quick draining soil. The rich volcanic ash soil found in this region is absolutely perfect – in fact you would be hard pressed to find a better environment to grow kiwifruit.”

But the real secret, he says, is the passion of the growers.

“Unlike many growers around the world, you will find that generally NZ kiwifruit growers only do one thing – grow kiwifruit – and they do this well. It is this single, focused passion, and their commitment to quality that makes them the best.”

Apparently there is a real art and science to producing the perfect fruit, and NZ growers, according to Dennis, are committed to continually perfecting this art.

“Our reputation is at stake,” says Dennis. “We don’t dare let a dud fruit slip past us, because we want to stay the best. Buying kiwifruit from New Zealand is a guarantee of quality and we want to keep it that way.”